Sammsoft ARO 2013 Review – PC Registry Cleaner Software

Sammsoft ARO 2013 Review - PC Registry Cleaner SoftwareARO 2013 is not only a tool for cleaning your registry; it can also help boost PC performance by exercising the potential of its registry tweaker module. Developed by Sammsoft, ARO 2013 offers a multi-tier approach to registry cleanup – the tool divides your operating system into three large areas that it will then scan thoroughly and propose to fix. So, if ARO 2013 made you (and your PC for that matter) curious then this Sammsoft Aro 2013 Review will fit your interest like a glove.

Fix Your Registry

The ARO 2013 registry repairer utility scans for thirteen areas of the Windows registry (such as ActiveX and COM objects, file-types, application paths, fonts, history lists, help files etc.) Once ARO 2013 has scanned the registry, found and fixed the errors, you can also let the program defrag the registry so that everything would fit nicely into place.

Registry Tweaks

There are some performance changes you can make to your registry with Sammsoft ARO 2013.

The first is to improve NTFS performance. Tick the field for ARO 2013 to disable the time stamps for last accessed files and folders. This feature will come in handy if you have a lot of audio and multimedia files on your computer that you regularly use + it will make it easier on the CPU.

The second is to improve core operating system kernel performance – ARO 2013 tweaks this function in a way that seldom used drivers and their system code are now stored on the disk instead of physical RAM.

The third is to increase CPU priority. ARO 2013 gives CPU priority to the applications you are currently using.

ARO 2013 registry tweaker module enables you to increase maximum CPU threads amount as well + manage startup performance by moving startup files into a single location on the hard drive for faster access.

Find Junk Files

Junk file accumulation on your hard drive takes up space and slows your system down by cluttering. The same goes for the browser: temporary interne files, saved passwords, browsing history and all of that can slow you down. ARO 2013 finds and removes these sorts of files.

PC Security Scan

This does not include some anti-spyware software, but rather information on whether you need one, and that you should pay more attention to key Windows, Java, and Adobe updates.

Sammsoft ARO 2013 Safety Concerns

Cleaning and fixing your registry, plus making changes to it can sometimes result in an unstable computer. To reverse the effects done by cleaning and tweaking, ARO 2013 comes packed with features to make system restore points and registry backups, so you can go back in PC time. You can make the tool run on autopilot as well – just designate the scheduler to do what you want.


ARO 2013 costs $29.95.

Sammsoft ARO 2013 Review Conclusion

I like the fact that in addition to the standard clean-and-fix features for the registry there are tweaking options available as well.

Take ARO 2013 for a test drive.

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