SendBlaster 2 Review – Blast Your Bulk Emails to Potential Subscribers with Ease

Sendblaster 2 review - good bulk email sender


Affection at First Sight

When I came across SendBlaster I immediately took to its beautiful and almost cartoonish user interface. And the name with that little cannon logo blasting emails! If you appreciate the exterior side of a program, then you will like SendBlaster. But let’s turn our attention to what lies behind the first impression.

The Initial Rite: Introduction

SendBlaster is an email sender software that is capable of sending large amounts of emails to people in your mailing list at the same time. You can use the program to create custom emails or choose from the provided templates to personalise your emails in relation to the target audience. Now that the obligatory part is done with, let’s proceed with the details.

How Are Your Emails Created

SendBlaster creates your emails in both HTML and plain text format.

What You Can Do With the Emails

As I already said there are templates ready for you to use. There are 80 of them, to be exact. The WYSIWYG HTML editor lets you manipulate the layout of the emails you send, so you have better control over how your emails will look. Every person likes to be special, right? So if you surprise your subscribers with a personal offer (including greeting them in the email by their name and referring to the location they live), then it makes a connection. You can embed images to enhance the visual style of your email and send emails with any character system by using the CHARSET feature. Adding unsubscribe links is also an option, and a recommended one at that.

Import Email Messages, Addresses and Contacts

The import function allows you to import email messages from .htm or .eml files. You can extract the details of your contacts from Outlook and Thunderbird as well as from Excel, Access and .csv files.

Mailing List Administration

You can integrate SendBlaster with your website and import contact data from there and set the program up to update the list. Customising the list is also easy and offers many options: for example you can build filters for specific conditions. Also, you could use multiple working email addresses for managing cases when people subscribe or unsubscribe to your newsletter via single or double optin and single optout forms. This way you can create permission based mailing lists and operate with credibility.

More Options for Mailing List Management

SendBlaster handles all bounce-backs automatically and also allows you to create blacklists for domains or addresses to be excluded. Needless to say, the amount of lists you can have is unlimited.

Sending Emails

SendBlaster can send emails directly or you can use an external SMTP server if the former option is not a possibility. If you want then you can set up schedules when your mailing will take place and needn’t worry about duplicate emails, because SendBlaster will recognise and take care of them. Should something happen that interrupts your mail sending, the program will pick up where it left off and presents you with information which emails were sent and which need to be resent. SendBlaster has a settings panel for adjusting the configurations related to email sending speed too, if you need it.

Reporting and Analytics

SendBlaster has got you covered in one of the most important aspects of email marketing – feedback. In this case we are talking about feedback in the context of tracking. The integrated TrackReports function which is currently in beta will track your sent emails in real time and provide you with information on whether your emails have been read and clicked. Enter Google Analytics, which is fully supported by SendBlaster. This way you can have a complete overview of your efforts paying off or not.


SendBlaster 2 is eye pleasing and very easy to use. It lets you configure your emails and manage mailings lists delicately, so you get what you want and see, get it? The support is superb and tutorials are all over the place for your email campaign pleasure.

Price and Comparisons to Atomic Mail Sender

I’ll draw a brief comparison with SendBlaster and another similar program I’ve reviewed recently. For starters, Atomic Mail Sender does not have the tutorial support like SendBlaster does. AMS is cheaper, yes, but only a little. The lower price does not make up for the fact that it lacks email tracking functions, as well as a list and subscriptions manager, because you have to buy them separately and eventually the price is way beyond what SendBlaster costs – 85 Euros. Atomic Mail Sender does not have a money back guarantee policy which SendBlaster does. It’s not all negativity with Atomic Mail Sender, though. You can combine it with Atomic Email Hunter and get big lists of email addresses, pronto. But that way you can get spammed if you send your emails to people who might not like it.

Final Notions

SendBlaster is a user friendly tool – it shows both in the interface and support. The price is not too high either so you can’t really miss, because you can get your money back if you don’t like it.

Check out the tutorials and the free trial version of SendBlaster and get those emails out!

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  1. A good review. i will give send blaster a try.

  2.' Andrew says:

    Totally agree with every single word in the article, especially where you say it has everything built-in, no need to buy extra pieces – I bought it for this exact reason, I don’t like companies pretending to sell cheap products while they are actually selling them in pieces at far higher prices. Kudos to SendBlaster folks for not playing that game.

  3.' rad says:

    AB Bulk Mailer is best

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