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One of the Best WP SEO Plugins - Easy WP SEOMany plugins can do the job of search engine optimization within a WordPress blog. There is no single tool that is best, but when you’re dealing with SEO, then you better make sure that the tool you purchase is simple enough to provide you with the most important information while not slowing down your sites with irrelevant aspects. I think one of the best SEO tools for WordPress is Easy WP SEO.

WordPress SEO Plugin

Easy WP SEO is a cool SEO tool, namely because there is nothing cheap or cheesy about it, except the price J. It’s one of those SEO reporting tools that you can see on the top right side of your screen, giving clear indications what needs to be done.

How Does Easy WP SEO Work?

Just like any other similar plugin. If you have a key-phrase as your main keyword, the tool considers the amount of words in it, thereby increasing the keyword density. Some other SEO tools for WordPress do not calculate density that way, instead they are a disadvantage, because they see the main phrase as a single keyword.

How to SEO Your Blog – Easy WP SEO Traffic Light Indicators Will Guide You

Easy WP SEO considers the most important SEO aspects and shows green or red ticks whether things are OK or not. Be it keyword density, content length, keywords in title tags, descriptions, SEO title – Easy WP SEO reports. It analyzes the entire HTML document, has LSI functions and allows you to enter alternative keywords too.

If you’re running a blog, having your post optimized is a crucial step. And besides, using Easy WP SEO just might be the first step in your quest to learn search engine optimization. After all, it is Easy WP SEO and it is a very good SEO tool for WordPress.

I have also made a more comprehensive review of Easy WP SEO. Be sure to have a look.

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