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SEOPressor DiscountI’d like to bring you up to speed about a useful situation regarding the SEOPressor on page SEO WordPress plugin. That situation is namely a financially affordable one as it offers you a discount on SEOPressor’s unlimited site license which would otherwise cost 97 bucks. 97-20 = 77 dollars. Not much, but not bad either, right? Okay, if you haven’t heard about SEOPressor before, I’ll give you a quick overview of it right here and now.

SEOPressor On Page SEO Plugin

What you’ve heard about on page SEO plugins is what SEOPressor probably is about too – better search engine optimization through analyszing several fundamental SEO aspects like content length, keyword density and placement, images, links, and so forth. The obvious benefit of this SEOPressor Discount is the fact that you can get a better price for adjusting all these aspects on unlimited sites.

SEOPressor Specifics

When you have an SEO tool, you want it to be simple and effective. SEOPressor has got that covered in many ways. It’s on the right side of your content area and displays the SEO side of your post related to the factors I told you about above. SEOPressor can also analyze your site for over-optimization that can happen if your overtly enthusiastic about SEO :). The tool will provide suggestions on what needs to be changed. You can rank for multiple keywords and use LSI keywords too. SEOPressor also comes with an automatic linking function that enables you to save time on linking specific keywords to specific URLs as SEOPressor automatically takes care of the linking.

More On SEOPressor

SEOPressor allows you to use rich snippets describing your content on SERPs and supports Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card for integration with social media.

Get It Cheaper

This SEOPressor discount that offers you the unlimited site license for the on page SEO plugin for 20 bucks less is reason enough to see the full review of SEOPressor, don’t you think?


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