SEOPressor Review – A Slick SEO Plugin for WordPress

SEOPressor Review - A Slick SEO Plugin for WordPressWhen it comes to SEO tools then they all serve one purpose: to optimise your site for better search engine rankings. And they usually have all the same functions, save a few, but are priced differently. SEOPressor is not significantly different from other prominent SEO tools out there. This review will list most of the features that SEOPressor has to offer you and compare them to some similar SEO tools that will be mentioned below.

SEOPressor 5 Qualities

Analysing content length, keyword placement, keyword density, font decorations, images, links, and overall SEO score are all blatantly clear features present in most SEO tools. Some, if not many, even come with integrated LSI functions. So what has SEOPressor got that all the others out there don’t? Not much, but that which it has got I will share with you here.

SEOPressor On-Page SEO Management

What it analyses I’ve already mentioned just above. But what I didn’t mention is the fact that SEOPressor can automatically decorate your keyword fonts and insert ALT text to images. The tool gives you suggestions on what to do when one or more of your SEO factors are out of place or need modifying. Sometimes it may also happen that you over-optimize your site. That’s not good – so, SEOPressor gives a red warning text underneath its panel on the right side of the screen.

Rank for Multiple Keywords

You can target up to three keywords which are related together for better SEO performance.


SEOPressor gives you full use of LSI keywords related to your main keywords that it pulls from Google itself. It’s always a good idea to use LSI keywords in your content as it broadens the text.

Automatic Linking System

Once you have specified which keyword should be linked to which URL, SEOPressor follows suite in autopilot, reducing the future time cost when it comes to similar operations and fortifies the internal linking structure of your site.

SEOPressor Snippet Function

You can use rich snippets with your posts that appear on SERPs. You can fully customise what information these snippets will display. This function is very useful if you’re marketing something on your blog.

Social SEO Abilities

The Facebook OpenGraph and Twitter Card support increases you site’s visibility by describing what your content is about. The purpose of these two tags is to drive more traffic to your site via social network integration.


Users have reported their sites slowing down after installing SEOPressor. That may be due to the automatic keyword font decorating. The same goes for over optimization: since the tool automatically decorates keyword fonts, the content may quickly become over optimized.


The single site licence is 47 dollars and multi-site licence is 97 dollars. Not too much, but check this out: there are products that cost less and are basically the same.

Comparisons – ClickBump SEO

This SEO tool costs only $37 for use on unlimited sites. Although it has only one primary keyword phrase against SEOPressor’s three, all of the other functions are relatively the same, except the snippet and social SEO functions. ClickBump SEO also doesn’t have the over optimization indicator. But ClickBump SEO has the edge: it highlights the LSI keywords already in your text and it can add the “nofollow” tag to your links. SEO Pressor is unable to do that.


Yet again a cheaper tool than we’re discussing here. Easy WP SEO beats both SEOPressor and ClickBump SEO because it analyses the entire HTML document, whereas the other two only look at the content. This is a major factor in calculating the correct SEO score. This one also analyses readability, so if your content is too highbrow, you will get notified. It’s 37 bucks too for unlimited sites. And guess what, if you don’t like it and decide to return the product, you will get to keep a single site licence version free for yourself.

PushButton SEO

This one is the most advanced of the three, but that’s not necessarily to its favour, because with more options comes more difficulties. Even so, PushButton SEO has integrated keyword research capabilities that you can use, it analyses the entire source code of your page and provides more options for better site link infrastructure. You can also search for authority sites, videos, pictures and relevant blogs from within the dashboard and link to them. The single site licence costs 67 USD, the multi-site licence is 97 (includes up to 50 domains), and the enterprise version is 197 and includes up to 500 domains. This tool is useful, but I personally prefer Easy WP SEO, because, first: it’s so much simpler to comprehend; second: it’s so much cheaper.

SEOPressor Review Conclusion

You got the overview of SEOPressor and comparisons to ClickBump SEO, Easy WP SEO and PuchButton SEO. You are ready to make up your mind or not buy at all.


SEOPressor can be purchased from this site.


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    This one is the most advanced of the three, but that’s not necessarily to its favour, because with more options comes more difficulties.

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