ShopperPress Coupon Code – Use It to Get a 30% Discount on This WordPress Shopping Cart Theme

The ShopperPress theme for WordPress is in itself an online store. While creating an online store from scratch can be a difficult task, the potential revenue you might gain from that effort is well worth the sweat. However, you don’t really have to put real hard work into making an online store – you can just use a WordPress theme designed for the purpose. This article is about ShopperPress, a theme created by PremiumPress – and here’s the ShopperPress coupon code:

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ShopperPress CouponAbout ShopperPress

You should take advantage of this ShopperPress discount because if you were planning to purchase ShopperPress anyway then why not get it while it’s cheaper. All marketing aside, let me tell you about ShopperPress, then. In order to make your own online store you need to have some basic elements in place: store design, integrated payment gateways, product info and field customization features, affiliate functions, and order managing. ShopperPress covers all of those features – so it’s sort of a simple online store creator system.

ShopperPress Main Features Overview

Adding products is easy with ShopperPress as it comes with online affiliate import tools (Amazon, Datafeedr and eBay supported) and a CSV import tool. You can manage all your products at once and distribute them into categories, plus add additional product information, images and more. You can also keep an automated check on your stock levels by using a ShopperPress built-in system which updates itself after every purchase and displays “in stock” or “out of stock” respectively.

ShopperPress Integrated Payment Gateways

When you are creating your own online store then you better make sure that you have a PayPal account because it is one of the 20 major payment gateways supported by ShopperPress. There are others, but I’m not going to list them all here, save for a few such as Google Checkout and The ShopperPress theme is suitable for all sorts of people preferring different payment gateways.

Shipping Options and Checkout

There are several types of shipping options available for use in ShopperPress. For example, you can include flat rate shipping, shipping by weight, country and etc. Tax values can also be set from the admin area. If your customers want invoices, then you can customize them and print them out as well.

Product Promotion

Being a simple online store creator system luckily doesn’t exclude coupons and advertising possibilities. The ShopperPress theme has many special pages available to be set as coupon pages and areas designed for advertising banners.

ShopperPress Design and Stuff

A WordPress shopping cart theme like ShopperPress must come with some designing options, otherwise it wouldn’t be quite fit for the flexible WordPress platform. You can choose from over twenty readymade store designs or design your own with the help of video tutorials. You can flick certain displays on and off as well as make use of plugins and widgets. There are different areas for members, employees and admins within ShopperPress.

So take this ShopperPress coupon and have a decent ShopperPress discount while at it.

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