SiteLock Review – A Security System to Keep Your Website Safe and Sound

SiteLock ReviewWebsite Security Assessment

When you’re concentrated on setting up your new site, you may forget that it also needs to be protected. Of course, website security isn’t that important when you have a fresh burgeoning site that’s still in its baby shoes, but when it gets bigger and starts to draw traffic as well as customers, it may become the target of hackers seeking to cut in on your profit in a malicious way. Mainly ecommerce website security needs to be top level, because those sites can attract money-hungry hackers. So – how to make your website secure? The answer – no ideal way, but you could give SiteLock a try.

What is SiteLock – A Cloud-Based Website Security Service

SiteLock is an online website security scanner that specializes in website security monitoring and malware removal. In addition to that it can set up a web application firewall for you, help you to avoid from getting blacklisted or tagged as spammer, make you PCI compliant, protect your database and more. You may even want to install the SiteLock security seal, which is guaranteed to have a positive effect on potential customers.

SiteLock Website Security Checker

Securing a website is a multi-layered process and if your site is already in place, chances are it has some weak spots. The SiteLock Malware Scanner performs daily checks on your website to give you an early heads up if something fishy is going on. SiteLock goes over your website files and perform a web application scanning, notifying you if there have been any changes made to files and that applications are up to date. If need be, SiteLock can run a network security check (involving port status) and can scan FTP. SiteLock also has the SQL scanner feature that detects whether injections have been inserted in your website code, allowing for quick action if that’s the case.

SiteLock Malware Removal

If there indeed is evil afoot on your site, SiteLock will inform you and help you resolve the problems by giving you a quote of what needs to be done. Aside from its website security assessment, SiteLock also provides you with an automated solution if malware is found. SMART (short for Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool) can remove malware automatically after it has been detected, so you don’t have to bother with it yourself.

SiteLock Web Application Firewall (WAF)

The purpose of WAF is to secure web applications against possible attacks. Many hackers use applications as weak spots to get to the information they’re after on your site. The Sitelock WAF fights malicious traffic away from your site and keeps requests with bad intentions at bay. The firewall can also help you against spammers and scrapers looking to lift your content. Malicious bots will be stopped and SiteLock will make a clear difference between them or Google crawling your site. The SiteLock WAF will protect you from OWASP top ten vulnerabilities too.

Keep Your Rep High and Validate Your Business

SiteLock website security monitoring also includes blacklist monitoring, email spam monitoring and scanning your SSL certificate. Making sure that everything’s okay in terms of you not being blacklisted and seen as spammer will keep the communication between you and your customers from breaking down. However, if you are already blacklisted, SiteLock can get you back on track.

SiteLock Simplifies PCI Compliance

Although a premium feature, the PCI compliance application that SiteLock guides you through and creates the necessary documentation for, would be a good move. If you have customers paying by credit cards, you need to conform to the PCI regulations for security reasons. If you are not compliant, you might get charged a fee for that. SiteLock provides you with the simplified self-assessment questionnaire, which will make becoming PCI compliant less of a headache. Again, if you’re non-compliant, SiteLock can help turn around the situation.

Speed-Up Your Website

There’s an extra added bonus to SiteLock’s main features of online website security scanning and malware removal – it can also assist in accelerating your website though international CDN, content compression and caching.

Price Levels and Plans

You can order Site Lock Website Security Service in four different versions. The basic package includes daily malware scans of up to 25 pages, reputation management and one-time uses of SQL scan, web application scan, cross site scripting check and a basic WAF – it costs $9.99 a month. The SiteLock professional edition increases the amount of pages scanned to 100, adds automatic malware removal and daily FTP scans – the price is a monthly 19.99 dollars. The premium version of SiteLock packs all features already mentioned (the one-time functions too) and can scan up to 500 pages while costing you 29.99 USD/month. The enterprise package scans up to 2500 pages and has all the features. You could also choose a custom plan, but then you’ll have to contact the SiteLock people personally.

The Decision

The security system is very affordable and has practical features, which leads us to the conclusion of this SiteLock review – we vote for this website security service.

Get secure with SiteLock.

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