Slider PRO Review – WordPress Premium Slider Plugin

Slider PRO Review – WordPress Premium Slider PluginWhat is Slider PRO?

Slider PRO is an open source WordPress slider plugin made by bqworks. It can be used to make your WordPress pages or posts more flashy and noticeable and enables you to provide content to the visitors of your site in a creative way.


Slider PRO is a responsive slider plugin which means that slides and content they are holding can resize itself according to the size of the screen they are viewed from. This means that sites that use this plugin can also be viewed successfully from a handheld device. Full-screen view is possible with browsers that support HTML5. Touch-screen based navigation is enabled. Keyboard navigation using left and right arrow keys is also available.

Slider PRO can pull content from WordPress posts and pages and then display it on the slides. Same feature is also available for videos from YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 based sites and also for images from Flickr. Slider PRO has integrated support for Lightbox, which can display videos, images, flash content and HTML pages.

There are over 150 slider options you can choose from and over 100 transitions are available to you. You can also choose from over 15 different skins and from 7 scrollbars when building your slides and they are provided with a skin editor in which you can customize existing skins or create new ones.

Slide PRO supports WordPress Multisite and provides means for user to translate the texts from the administration area into any language. The Admin area uses the same design used in WordPress dashboard so you’ll find yourself in a familiar environment. This plugin adds a button into the rich editor which can be used to easily insert slides into your posts. Slide editor also provides descriptions of what each option or button does when you place your mouse cursor over it. Slide PRO provides ways to save bandwidth and shorten page loading times. Firstly, it uses lazy loading which means the images used in slides will load only when they are displayed. Secondly, the files used by Slider PRO are included only in the header part of
the webpage source.

Browser Support

Slider PRO supports desktop and mobile versions of all major web browsers. Internet Explorer is supported from IE7 to IE11.


Slider PRO has two types of licences: Regular Licence and Extended Licence. Regular Licence costs $25 and allows usage of Slider PRO in one end product which can be sold to your customer but users, who are going to consume the product, cannot be charged for it. Extended Licence, costing $125, allows the plugin to be used in one end product what can be sold to your customer and users, who will consume the end product can be charged for using it. Once you have bought one of the licences, all future upgrades are also available for you for no extra fee.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this plugin is a bit on the costly side; similar plugins can be bought for less. On the other hand, the author provides free support and even assists with installation of the plugin which can be priceless in some situations. More information and demos can be found here: Slider Pro Plugin

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