Slider Revolution Review – Responsive WordPress Slider plugin

Slider Revolution Review – Responsive WordPress Slider pluginWhat is Slider Revolution?

Slider Revolution is a WordPress plugin made by ThemePunch that allows you to add eyecatching and information-packed slides onto your webpage. You can make your page stand out from the rest while still maintaining your search engine optimization because of one major feature of Slider Revolution: all content used in the slides is accessible for the search engines.
Slider Revolution uses JavaScript and its jQuery library, CSS and HTML to create the effects and wraps all these technologies into an easy to use plugin.


Like the title says, Slider Revolution is responsive, which means that the slides change the shape and the size of themselves according to the screen they are watched from, so the user would get the best viewing experience. You can also define the fixed size of the slides in pixels or let the slides be displayed in full screen.

Slider Revolution offers a vast number of ways in which a slide becomes another slide. The transitions are grouped as Basic, Flat and 3D transitions. Moving between slides can also be thoroughly customized, offering bullet, button, thumbnail and, when possible, touch screenbased based navigation. Keyboard navigation is also available. Slides can also change automatically and you can changes the slide-change timer values and many other settings used to manipulate moving from one slide to another.

Slider Revolution knows how to read and display WordPress Posts, which can be implemented in slides as captions. WordPress Multisite and Multi-Language are also supported. You can use videos from YouTube, Vimeo or other videos in HTML5 in your
slides and a slide can have text, pictures and videos on it at the same time.

Slider revolution employs a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor for placing the content on the slides. Simply drag and drop elements you want to the places where you want them to be. Looks and the way of entry to the screen of each element can be customized using provided controls or also using CSS, if you know your way around it. Options that can be manipulated
include time an element takes to make it’s entry to the designated place on the slide and the way it enters, for example rotating or bouncing and so on.

Browser support

Slider Revolution supports a variety of web browsers, be it on a PC or a mobile device. Most features work across the board with the exception of 3D transitions, which are supported on Firefox version 10 and up, web browser based on Webkit, for example Opera, and on iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Browsers in the Internet Explorer family do not support
the 3D transition effects.

Prices and licenses

There are two types of licenses available for Slider Revolution: first one is the Regular License which costs $16, and it allows you to use Slider Revolution on a single end product, which can be used by yourself or sold to your client. In the latter case your client would be the new owner of the license. The most important condition of the Regular License is that you or your client must distribute that said end product for free. The second type of license is Extended License and it costs $80. The difference between the licenses is that with Extended License you or your client can charge a fee for the end product. In other words, the product
can be sold to end users for a profit.

In conclusion, Slider Revolution provides you with powerful tools to create slides that are pleasant to view on your desktop computer or while on the go on your smartphone and feature some great eye candy.

For more information about Slider Revolution and a demo click here.

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