Social Deals Engine Review – Multi-Functional WordPress Deals Plugin + a Big Bonus Pack Worth Over $2500

I’ve learnt of a hot new product that caught my eye in the Warrior Forum recently – it’s called the Social Deals Engine. It is a WP deals plugin that allows you to create a flexible WordPress deals site where you can promote and sell all sorts of product types ranging from physical, digital, affiliate and CPA. But it’s not just that – you can add a lot of twists to your deals with the Social Deals Engine too, like discount options for sharing the product promotion on social networks. Does that sound like real promotion, or what?

I’ll have to warn you, though – the initial offer for the Social Deals Engine is closed but it will come around soon enough. See the link at the bottom of the review for more information.

The Social Deals Engine Shopping Cart

Before we get into the plugin itself I’d like to bring your attention to a neat little fact – the Social Deals Engine plugin for WordPress comes with its own shopping cart that you can use to start accepting payments through PayPal. So, just activate the plugin, set up some deals and you’re ready to go!

Social Deals Engine Features – Deal Types

There are several types of deals you can choose to run with the Social Deals Engine. There’s the social sharing discount, dime sale deal, physical deal, “claim this offer” deal, affiliate deal, and CPA deal. The good thing about them all is that you can even combine some of them – for example, you can combine the social sharing discount with the affiliate deal in order to maximize the possibility of a successful deal that ends with a purchase and increase your own visibility in the social networks as well.

Social Sharing Discount

This, I think, is the coolest part of this Social Deals Engine review and the plugin itself too. Why? Because when you have three social network possibilities (and more on the way) to use in order to get a discount, then there’s a BIG chance that the product will be purchased and you’ll earn some money. Let’s say you are running a deal on a product that costs a hundred dollars and you can provide the buyer a 10 dollar discount for a social share – wouldn’t you as a buyer be very much interested in getting the product with such a discount. Of course you would!

Dime Sale Deal

Dime sale deals are a good way to attract potential buyers already on the verge of purchasing. If you want people to haul ass when deciding, hit them with an incremental price increase when a number of sales is reached for a specific product. You can set a time or a stock limit to an offer too, so the customers will have to react quickly if they indeed want to buy. You can also display upcoming offers to keep people coming back to your WordPress deals site for more.

Physical Deal

Deals for physical products are quite common and the Social Deals Engine can’t offer anything new in this case except for the application of the social sharing discount. You can add Google Maps support and company information to the product for more credibility.

“Claim This Offer” Function

The Social Deals Engine “claim this offer” deal type is great for getting the email of a potential customer. They have to enter it in order to gain access to the deal. Your mailing list will benefit even if they won’t buy. You can add videos and whatnot to the “claim this offer” info thing as well.

Affiliate Deals

You all know how this goes – promote a product and earn a commission. The Social Deals Engine WordPress plugin adds some flexibility to your affiliate endeavors. You can spice up your affiliate deals with the social sharing discount or sprinkle them with time limits.

CPA Deals

The little ads in the sidebars of your WordPress deals site can contain deals too. When a user clicks on them it will take them to the CPA page where they need to fill out some information to get a piece of the action.

Social Deals Engine – What Else?

The social deals engine works with all WordPress themes and will not only create a fresh WordPress deals site for you, but can complement an existing one too by adding extensions. The plugin also enables you to use discount codes, manage shipping and taxes settings and automatically set profit sharing functions with partners via PayPal adaptive payments. It’s – whoo-hoo – a responsive plugin. Deals can also have a star rating type review comments attached by a respective extension contained within the Social Deals Engine itself.


Stay tuned.

Anyway, if you are still interested in the Social Deals Engine, I’d advise to join the developers’ update list. If you’re not going to buy the thing, I still hope you enjoyed this Social Deals Engine review 🙂

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