Socrates WP Theme Review – The Premium Theme Best Suited for Online Marketers

Socrates theme review - WordPress theme for marketersAlmost to the Point, But Not Yet

The title says that the people who can make the best use of Socrates are the Internet marketers. Actually, anybody who is interested in designing their WordPress sites extensively can get something from this theme. But features such as AdSense, Affiliate and ClickBank monetization, ad spaces, as well as sales page and squeeze page templates make it perfect for online entrepreneurs. Now that this review has established some basic info, let’s proceed with the Socrates WordPress Theme itself.

Socrates WP Theme Features Overview

I’ll run you through some of the possibilities that Socrates has to offer. Let’s start from the top. You can choose from over 230 headers (you can upload your own too), a bunch of custom backgrounds and colour combinations. You can have four navbars which you can customize yourself and rotate up to three ads from the top ad unit. It is also possible to use the in-post ad function. The integrated social media slider lets you show different social media icons such as the obvious Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ones, so there won’t be a shortage of promotion. There are two magazine portfolio-style layouts available.


You got shortcodes for videos, alerts and testimonials, including five star ratings. Having five star ratings is cool if you are reviewing products, and the option of inserting the affiliate link isn’t bad either


Socrates’s SEO capabilities are site wide – that goes for the title, description and keywords. So, as you can see, the SEO functions are pretty basic. If you want something more advanced, then you should think about SEO-specific plugins.

What You get When You Buy

Aside from the Socrates Theme, you’ll be getting some useful tutorials. I like the tutorials, because the more a product has them, the more I trust the developers behind it. The videos show you install Socrates, set up Cpanel and WordPress, as well as AdSense for the latter, plus, they give tips on how to make your business pay off on the Internet. These trade secrets include how to find and choose a niche that suits you and that is profitable at the same time, how to find a good domain name, and lastly how to get money from Google.

Comparisons with Others

The free themes aside, there are other premium themes out there for you to choose from. Let’s have a look at them in relation to Socrates: for example, among others, I have reviewed WordPress themes like Thesis 2.0  and Catalyst. Thesis 2.0 is very powerful and multi-functional, but it’s actually not entirely complete in terms of its “boxes” and “packages”, lacks full documentation, and is quite difficult to grasp. Catalyst, on the other hand, is deeply rooted in designing your website from the bottom up, involving both structure and looks. In short, Thesis 2.0 and Catalyst are more professional and therefore cost more than Socrates.

But Socrates…

Socrates is the golden mean – it has plenty of functions, it’s easy to use, and it directed towards the money-making side of the Internet; besides it is the cheapest of the three.


The cost for installing the Socrates WordPress Theme on a single domain is $37. The number is 67 on unlimited domains. That about covers it, doesn’t it?


Socrates will get you up and running in no time. It’s pretty basic, so it’s cool for starters. The price is almost non-existent too, and with the 7-day free trial version and a 30 day money back guarantee you can’t lose.

Interested? Get Socrates while it’s still ridiculously cheap!

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