Syndication Rockstar Review: Automatically Syndicate Unique Content with This SEO WordPress Plugin

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Very, very simple; very, very powerful – that’s all you hear nowadays from those guys who aggressively market their products. And don’t forget to take „massive action too“. Gimme a break, this isn’t supposed to be demagogy, but yet it is, because everyone wants to make money somehow. Syndication Rockstar helps you make money with blogging. How can it do that, you ask? Let me answer.

Syndication Rockstar Works Like This:

You create a blog post with quality content and let Syndication Rockstar syndicate them to web 2.0 sites like WordPress, Blogger and Live Journal among others. You can do the same for your own blogs that you host privately.

What is the Purpose?

This is kind of obvious. You want to use Syndication Rockstar as a means to an end: drive traffic to your sites, increase your authority by getting high PR backlinks and therefore eventually boost your search engine rankings for better income.

The Specifics of Syndication Rockstar

What I said before rings true now as well. You write the content and Syndication Rockstar syndicates it to other sites for your visibility pleasure. But there’s more to it than just that. The beauty of Syndication Rockstar is the fact that it can multiply one blog post into other several relatively unique blog posts by using spinning methods. It is integrated with two spinning systems: BestSpinner and SpinnerChief, which allow for content spinning to make it different. So when you let Syndication Rockstar syndicate your content, then it will be quite unique. Your post will also be stamped with Google Authorship.


You need to have accounts on the web 2.0 sites you syndicate your content to. Having to create these accounts manually can be a bore the first time, but after that it gets automatic as Syndication Rockstar saves your passwords and usernames.

Email and XMLRPC Syndication

You can add a mailing list into Syndication Rockstar and it will syndicate your content via emails. You can also use the XMLRPC framework syndication to syndicate content to your network of personal blogs and combine this feature with backlink building and indexing to increase rankings. It’s almost like cheating, I know.

Syndication Rockstar Social Networks Integration

Syndication Rockstar can work hand in hand with OnlyWire to create automated social bookmarks to tens of social networks. Social signals are important to increasing your web presence, so this feature should come in handy. But you’ll have to buy OnlyWire.

Backlinks and Indexing

Integration with Backlinksindexer and Drip Feed Blasts enables Syndication Rockstar to make it possible for your syndicated posts to get quickly indexed and automatically build backlinks to your deep links.


Syndication Rockstar can be yours for 67 dollars. That isn’t a lot of money when considering that there’s a 60 day money back guarantee, right? It doesn’t stop there: you also get access to various tutorials regarding the software and blog network creation, plus never-ending support and upgrades.

What Do You Make of It All?

I’ll tell you: it is useful software alright and it saves you time by not having to create different versions of a specific content yourself. The downside is that all the tools it is integrated with cost additional money for you, so you won’t get the full effect of Syndication Rockstar until you purchase these other counterparts.


In any case, you can get Syndication Rockstar here.

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