Traffic Travis Review – A Tool for Driving Traffic to Your Sites

Traffic travis review - one of the best SEO toolsIt is what the name says – Traffic Travis

Developed by Affiliorama, Traffic Travis is meant to increase the traffic on your website by helping your sites rank higher in search engine results. It comes both as a free version and a full paid upgraded edition. If you’re tired of tedious manual search engine optimization by checking out site after site and trying one keyword after another, then it’s Traffic Travis what you need. This Traffic Travis Review should prove helpful.

Does it present any value to you?

In order to get a good thing going for your website, you need people to visit it. Traffic Travis has several functions which can help increase the SEO performance of your sites. If you’re not doing so well, then there’s a way to fix it! And Traffic Travis can help you with that. Value enough?

Features of Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is a sneaky little devil, as it is able to monitor your competitor’s sites and the keywords they use. Of course, you have to specify a niche first. Observing your competitors allows you to make better use of your own site by using their effective marketing tactics and reinforcing weak points. If you choose, Traffic Travis feeds you constant reports on how your site ranks among the top search engines. You can also save and print project and data graphs, but only if you have the full version of the software.

Couple of more of them features

Coming back to keywords, Traffic Travis has a function that enables it to select the keywords and search phrases that people might usually type in their keyboard to start looking for something. An option like that saves you the time and stress of wondering what keywords you should use for people to find your site. More specifically, you can also use Traffic Travis to determine whether some pages of your site could use improving from the SEO viewpoint — this is called the page analysis tool.


To enhance your web presence, you can use the Traffic Travis Link Finder to gain backlinks from quality sources. You can also scout where your competitors get their backlinks, so you’ll have a better picture from the perspective of backlinking.


There is another aspect to Traffic Travis that is rather cool. If your competitors are paying money on some keywords to advertise on, then you can take a peek at what these keywords are. That means you can keep an eye on whether the keywords change over a period of time or not. If they don’t change then it might be possible that these keywords are worth investing in.


You can take Traffic Travis for a test drive for free. That way you can make up your mind before actually buying it. A 7-day trial version is also available. The software is simple to use and if you’re a beginner then you can’t lose with it, and if you think you did then you can have your money back within 60 days after purchase, no questions asked. Oh, one more thing, Traffic Travis has inbuilt video tutorials that explain almost every step of the software just to keep everything nice and simple. I like this sort of attitude!


You cannot save and print project data graphs with the free version, also the number of projects you can have is limited to 5. When compared to some more advanced SEO tools like SEOmoz, then Traffic Travis might come off as being somewhat simplistic, and the price, $90 — which is 9 dollars cheaper than the former — indicates that you don’t get enough bang for your buck.

Traffic Travis Review: In conclusion…

This review concludes that the software is a nice package of SEO tools to get you started heaving traffic on your site, and research the market. Its biggest bonus is that you can get it for free if you can’t afford the full version — that way you can get a taste of what it’s about. All in all, go for it, but think twice about buying, because tools that try to do all aspects of traffic driving at once can’t really be that good. I’s suggest you pick tools that are each designed for one side of your SEO campaign, that way you can maximize the effectiveness of  results.

What’s at your fingertips? Traffic Travis.

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