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Tribepro reviewFor an Internet marketer who mainly relies on exposure gained from their content reaching a lot of people, syndication is a major aspect of importance. In order to avoid the time it takes to maximize the visibility of your content, you might want to consider purchasing a content syndication platform called TribePro. This tool allows you to syndicate your content through the concept of the “Tribe”. That concept and the features of this content syndication tool will be discussed in this TribePro review of mine.

TribePro – The Power of the Tribe

How do you like the idea of posting a blog post and seeing it auto-submitted to a tribe of your choice where like-minded people share that post to other like-minded people and so on? Or would you like the chance of being able to share your friends’ content to over 50 top social media sites with TribePro and then get your own content shared over these social media sites by your friends in return? And all of that done automatically?! Of course you’d like that – it’s what this content syndication platform is about. It’s almost literally about that “tribe” vibe where “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” and everybody’s happy. If you’re all Internet marketers out there, why not help promote each other and benefit from it at the same time, right?

How Does TribePro Work?

Well, the general answer was within the questions of the previous paragraph of this TribePro review, but I’ll give you a more detailed one. As you click on the TribePro auto-submitter function, you choose the tribe to auto-submit to and provide the RSS URL – that’s basically it. Every time you post an article, it will be auto-submitted to that tribe. Simple. Now, the auto-share and auto-syndicate features of the TribePro content syndication platform work like this: you choose the people from a tribe whose content you’d like to auto-syndicate through a social media site, and every time they submit content to a tribe, that content will be auto-syndicated. The same thing works for you when you’re in a tribe. So that’s the whole idea of the tribe – as I explained earlier, every member of a tribe will benefit from every other member.

Other Important Features of TribePro

TribePro is a content syndication platform that can very well be your base of operations, because you have nearly everything covered in there. When you share something, you can also accompany with it a share message that is spinnable, so you can have a sense of uniqueness to your share messages. TribePro is also YouTube-integrated, meaning that your videos can be viewed, commented, and liked straight from within TribePro itself – this content syndication platform really is comfy, isn’t it? TribePro also enables people to give Facebook “likes” and leave blog comments by using the content syndication platform only. The blog comment feature requires a WordPress plugin.

OnlyWire Integration for Multiplying Your Shares

TribePro works well with OnlyWire too. When you syndicate your content, you can choose to manually share it through many social services via OnlyWire. You can check out my OnlyWire review to get more insight about that tool.

Create Your Own Tribe and Profile

Some versions of TribePro enable you to create your own tribe as well – this means that you will be able to create a tribe that is very targeted in its own niche and thus will generate leads for you. The profile feature will allow you to create your own page with a personal profile. By having that, you can build relationships easily with other tribe members and facilitate content syndication and sharing.

TribePro Tracking Tools

You don’t want to be left in the dark when something is going down in the Tribe. The TribePro tracking tool, the final feature of TribePro to be discussed in this Tribe pro review, enables you to get information about who shared you to a certain social networking and bookmarking site.


TribePro comes in several shapes and sizes, starting from the free version and going up to pro. The free version of the TribePro content syndication platform lacks many brilliant features like automatic submission and syndication, as well as the blog commenter tool and YouTube-integration benefits. Ah, there are so many things it doesn’t have when compared to more advanced versions that you might as well check it out yourself. The TribePro Plus has everything I talked about, except the ability to create your own-branded tribe and unite it with the global TribePro network. It also lacks AWeber and GetResponse integration. It costs $19.96 for the first month, and then goes up to $39.97 each following month. The TribePro Pro (hah) has everything and it costs $39.99 for the initial month, and $79.97 for every other month after that.


If you found out something important about TribePro in this TribePro review then I’m happy, if not, the go see some more information about TribePro.

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