Tube Toolbox Review: The Software for Automated YouTube Marketing

Tube toolbox reviewWhat is Tube Toolbox?

It is a software that can help you along in any campaigns you might have that are related to YouTube marketing. What this means is that you can automate many activities like sending friend requests, commenting, subscribing to channels and so on to promote your own channel and videos. YouTube is big and marketing your content there is a must if you want to increase your SEO ranking. Now, let’s talk about Tube Toolbox.

Main Features

Tube Toolbox can extract usernames from YouTube pages, automatically send friend requests, comments etc. based on the criteria you set for your target audience and filter recipients; the best part of it all is the fact that Tube Toolbox is very much compliant with the limitations that YouTube has and might come up with in the future, so you don’t have to worry about your account being suspended.

Tube Toolbox User Gathering Function

Finding people that are interested in what you have to offer is the first in line for your YouTube marketing campaign. If you attempt to draw in users that are not related to your content then you might get banned from YouTube, as your messages are not properly targeted. You’re safe and sound with Tube Toolbox, because the software gives you an overview of users by spidering for users on YouTube pages and discerning their interests, locations, age and sex. Such a specific extraction excludes the possibility of you becoming a spammer.

Tube Toolbox Automation Features

The great thing about Tube Toolbox is that it can automatically do the tasks you would otherwise do manually and spend a lot of time doing. I know it’s already a cliché to mention automation capabilities in a marketing software to be anything special nowadays, but still, it’s a good thing to have, right? Simple stuff like sending videos, friend requests and messages can all be automated with this software. Tube Toolbox can be set to automatically accept friend requests, posting comments on videos and channels as well as subscribing to channels and unsubscribing from them.  When you’re sending messages and requests, you can filter the list of recipients by narrowing it down to automatically exclude people you have already sent something. With Tube Toolbox you can send messages from several YouTube channels too and rotate different messages. You can rest easy knowing that you’re not violating YouTube TOS.

Your Account Is Safe

Having such a tool like Tube Toolbox working for you day and night might make you wonder if you’re sending out too many messages, requests or whatever, doesn’t it? Yep, but you can configure the software to submit to YouTube rules by setting delay times between sends and limiting their amount.

Various Other Useful Sides to Tube Toolbox

Aside from everything else already mentioned that forms the bulk of Tube Toolbox’s main purpose, there are other cool little things that the software can do to make your life easier. For example, when you open Tube Toolbox for the first time, all your friends, subscribers, favourites and videos are automatically synchronised to give you a good grasp of them straight from within the software. Tube Toolbox is also integrated with links to different YouTube areas, making it easier for you to navigate within the website. The simple built-in list management function allows you to group users and videos. This is useful if you want to send different messages to different people. Tube Toolbox can give you reports of your actions history too.


There are four main ways you can go. You can make a monthly subscription, which will cost you 19.95 USD for activation, plus 9.95 a month, you can go for three months for $49.95, a year for 99.95 dollars or for 149.95 bucks until you die. If you are already an existing paid customer the upgrading your subscription level will come for 4.95 USD for activation and 9.95 USD a month. You can also reactivate your subscription for 9.95 dollars per month. If you have five or more accounts, then you have to contact the developers to discuss the price. The software upgrades are free and you get a 30 day money back guarantee for your first order.

Verdict: What Should I do?

Whatever you are promoting, be it your art, products, other people, if you want to get yourself out there, you have to market yourself. Tube Toolbox is cheap, so check it out, because you really can’t miss with this one or YouTube in general. Try the trial version too.


Want automated YouTube marketing? See Tube Toolbox for more information.

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