What is an Autoresponder and How do I Configure It?

An autoresponder is a program that enables you to send messages to people through the system automatically.  Example: When going to my website, on the right hand side, there is a training course (Order a 7-day Quickguide and get to know how to make money from blogging).  When you join this course, I can send you emails through the autoresponder.

I use this company to send emails: https://www.aweber.com/ and reccomend that you use it too. The first month costs 1 dollar, after that every following month is 19 dollars.

So, how the autoresponder work and how do I configure it?

Let’s say you have compiled 5 different letters and you want to send them to the people on your list at intervals of a few days.  It can be easily done through Aweber.  This system allows you to add all messages to a waiting list.  If the corresponding day comes, then the letter will be sent to all the people on the list automatically.

Please see video instructions on how to set up an autoresponder and add it to your Empower Network account:

If you wish to join the Empower Network, please see the special bonuses when joining the team.

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