What Should I Write About in the Blog?

You can blog about anything and are bound to be good at writing about something!  Start your blog with those subjects with which you are most familiar.  For example, you may choose to begin with topics such as music, health, technology, or any other branch of activity.  If it is possible, start blogging in English.  The potential is much larger in foreign markets since the audience is much wider.

Your blog should be focused on a central theme.

Example:  If you start blogging about health issues, be consistant in the following blog posts.  Do not write about health one day and then the next write about how well you did that day.

What to do when you want to make money with Empower Network but are not skilled at writing or  simply do not have enough time?

There is always the option to hire someone to write the articles on your behalf.  Find a blogger here: http://www.iwriter.com/

At this point, I want to talk about a few more important things – the difference between a visitor and a visitor.

What do I mean by that?
Since Empower Network represents earning money on the internet, “earn money online” related topics would be the most targeted blogs.  Internet marketing is not very widely spread in Estonia but it is in foreign countries.  You would earn the most money by blogging on internet marketing topics. I will also add a document about internet marketing sub-niches.

I decided to start blogging on Worpress subjects.  Although it is not directly related to money-making, I know that all those who are searching for money earning opportunities on the internet use WordPress.  Thus, blogging around WordPress plugins and themes is linked to the “money market”.

You might be wondering, “How I can blog about internet marketing topics when I do not know anything about these things?”  
There is a tremendous amount of information about all of these topics available on the internet. Choose one of them and Google it.  Surely you will find a whole lot of blogs that talk about these things. Read them and you will develop some ideas of what to write about.

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