Why are my guest posts being rejected?

Why are my guest posts being rejectedIf your guest post got rejected, it’s not because the established bloggers hate the whole concept of guest posting, there might be something wrong with the post itself.  That’s why there might be different reasons or problems, why your post got rejected. Learning from practice – from your own mistakes, is the most efficient way to gain new knowledge. That’s why, after getting rejected, fixing your mistakes, thereby improving your writing skills, will eventually lead to accepting guest posts, written by you, and getting lots of positive feedback.

Firstly, it’s crucial for you to advise that pro-bloggers have a very tight daily schedule – it’s not rare, if they’re overworked and welcome all the opportunities for rest available. Here’s where you come in. As much as they need some rest, they need to update their blogs as well. That’s why you, writing a guest post, are welcomed by most of the bloggers.

Blogs accept guest posts, because they actually have an important role to play in the whole blogging essence. Despite the exhaust-factor, there are other various reasons for the need of guest posting, such as:

–          Providing the audience with new experiences.

–          Giving new bloggers, hence, the guest post writers, the opportunitu to express and make a name for themselves.

–          The bloggers now have the time to attend other urgent issues.

–          Guest posting, done correctly, will draw extra traffic to their blogs.

Although, there is a definite need for guest posts, I’ll be giving you a general overview on the matter of what could be the reasons your guest post was/will be rejected.

Not sticking to the rules:

Every blog, which has the opportunity for guest posting available, has it’s own requirements. If you’re thinking on guest posting, then you should be familiar with the rules of the particular blog and act accordingly . It’s simply because the blog has been founded and built up on a certain niche, aspiring the bloggers one goal, and every step since the foundation of the blog has to pursue that goal.

The most common mistake is that the guest post writers don’t even have the time to read the rules. Thereby the writer isn’t even aware of the rules to follow. Chances are, that a post, written by a writer, as such, will not be accepted. Some bloggers don’t even have the time to point out your mistakes to you, therefore, you’ll post will be dumped with no hesitation.

Poor content:

The blog, you’re approaching, already has a reputation. Why on earth would you be reaching to it otherwise? As the content is the basis of an established blog, irrelevant posts will be naturally deleted. Yes, the sites owner might be busy, but he rather won’t update the site for weeks instead of accepting a post worth nothing. Find the time to write informative guest posts with high-quality content. It’s a win-win situation – you’ll get lots of positive feedback and the post draws extra traffic to the blog, which thereby makes the blogs owner happier and possibly richer as well.

Duplicated content:

There isn’t a more embarrassing scenario, than a blogger discovering, that the submitted content, as a guest post in his blog, has already been published somewhere else. Double-check everything, so no duplicates would occur. Readers, blog owners, even Google despises the whole concept of a duplicate post.


If you’re writing on the behalf of a third party, try to explain the whole thing plainly and honestly to the blogger.  Hiding that vital fact could get you into a lot of trouble. Moreover, if you try to lie to an established blog owner, he’ll easily do a little research on you and sooner or later discovers the truth, thereby ruining your reputation and trustworthiness for ages. If you’re honest and the post is decent enough, chances are that a reasonable blogger will eventually publish it.

Inappropriate links:

Some people see the whole concept of guest posting as a great opportunity to promote their affiliate links. Thereby they just include their affiliate links into the guest post. This is not acceptable in the blogging world. There might be some exceptions, but generally it’s wiser to abandon the link strategy.

Insufficient formatting:

As mentioned before, bloggers don’t have the time to proof-read your work… nor reformat it. So, to save time, they’ll just dump the post into the bin. If you truly can’t write an error-free post, then you should consider some language courses or let someone more competent to correct the mistakes. Nowadays, appearance is everything, therefore the finished post has to be nothing less than perfect and pleasing to the eye.

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