Why should I start up commenting?

Why should I start up commentingBloggers have lots of things to do (updating, research, dealing with social media, videos, link building, leaving feedback, guest posting, etc). It’s not unusual when most of the attention has been put to doing these things and commenting has been totally forgotten. There are various reasons why commenting other’s blogs might be benecifial for you. In this article I’ll give you a more detailed overview on the matter of why is it so.

Your presence in blogging:

As the rule sticks to most of the businesses, you have to make your business present in the market in order to attract customers and investors. In blogging world, the presence is being made by blogging in others sites. Keep in mind that commenting itself isn’t just writing a few lines and then entering them. It’s more complex – the delicate sequence of words you insert can make a huge impact on the traffic of your own blog. The most important aspect is to be competent on the matter, before starting writing. So, choose your niche blogs carefully and enter only decent, analytical, proper comments. You can also include links in your comment put consider that, firstly, you have to get the owner of the blog to accept your action, and secondly, the link has to be closely connected by it’s niche to the blog your writing for.

Making contacts:

Commenting can give you the life-time opportunity to make personal contacts with established, popular bloggers. Good relations can make them guest-post in your blog as well. So, it has a win-win effect, as everybody will get more traffic and a more interesting content. Moreover, you can learn from more experienced bloggers, also you can learn from their mistakes, they may be willing to give you some hints and inside information about the blogging world.


Blog commenting gets you lots of niche related backlinks, thereby it’ll help to boost up your own blogs traffic too. You will improve your blogs status in search engine page results (SERP) significantly. Remember that getting backlinks cannot be your only goal, as your readers have to be impressed by the comment itself. It’s just a side-bonus!

To get up-to-date news:

By commenting others blogs, you’ll have to be acquainted with the topic you commented. Unseemingly, this action helps you to get to know of the latest news regularly.  As information is the most valuable commodity in our current society, there may be no better way to acquire it with. For instance, let’s say that you have a blog with affiliate niche, by commenting niche-related blogs you’ll gain the necessary information to update your own blog.

So, as it turns out, something seemingly worthless can have a huge impact in your own success. Commenting is definitely a great path to consider when craving for being seriously successful in the blogosphere.

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