Why won’t people read my blog?

Why won't people read my blogThe question of „why do people read your blog, but not mine“ is quite common in the blogosphere. It isn’t actually rocket science, they take part in the whole concept of reading blog, because the information in it is beneficial for them. Basically, they do it for solving some smaller or bigger problem. So, the only aspect of blogging isn’t just making money online, it’s providing a platform for people to share or learn from your opinion as well. Practically,  most of the bloggers won’t succeed and in this article, I’m going to give you a general overview on the matter of what might be the problems which do not let your blog to grow.

1) Average content:

As you know, your blogs content and your writing style are two the basis of getting some traffic for your blog.  If your content, as well as your writing style, is nothing more than „decent“, then don’t put high hopes into gaining success in the blogosphere. Create something you can be proud of! Do not post because of the whole concept of posting, post it because the content of it adds some real value for your blog and for your audience. At first, if you’re just starting up with your blog, it might seem hard, but through time it’ll get easier! So, when updating your blog, keep in mind that the post has to be beneficial for your audience and everything will just be all right.  Moreover, when starting up, try to include current hot topics into your posts, as they’ll help to draw extra traffic from search engines.

2) Poor design:

Your content might be really beneficial, but it’s worth nothing if you can’t present it to your audience. Appearance is as important as the information itself. That’s why your content has to be presentable. Invest your time and money into developing or buying pleasant themes. Make it easy for your audience to read the content and avoid any kind of complexity, as your audience will most surely lose their interest in your blog. The simpler and easier your blog is, the more traffic it’ll generate!

3) Poor communication:

Valuable content and the skill to present it isn’t all together good enough. You have to show yourself present within your niche. So, take some time to respond comments, e-mail to your subscribers and leave feedback where necessary. Being in touch with your audience and your fellow bloggers is a must! You’ll see blogging getting more and more easier when you have likeminded people around. Moreover, if you just make that extra effort by helping a complete stranger with his/her problem ,it’ll give the audience an impression of you as a generous, smart and open-hearted person. Don’t forget your own uniqueness and style, though, as it helps you to stand out from the vast majority.

4) Assess your priorities correctly:

I agree, when you say that commenting is important. Of course it is, but it shouldn’t take all the available time you have. You have to also write guest posts, update your own blog, etc. Spend your time as productively as possible and you’ll see results in no time.  For example, the whole concept of guest blogging gives you:

– good relations with the owner of the blog.

– extra subscribers.

– the opportunity to steal some of the blogs readers.

– extra traffic.

– backlinks.

– the image of your online presence everywhere.

So, with those tips mentioned above should you be able to make a good increase in your audience, thereby in your traffic, in no time!

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