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BackupBuddy - Easiest Way to Create a Backup of Your WP SiteIt’s cool to have a site that you’ve put everything into: blood, sweat and tears, but also every other part of yourself. Ideally, you share something with people that is really important to you, and you’re willing to work hard for it. But internet can be unstable and one day your site may be gone if you don’t back it up regularly. Hence, this article is about a certain WordPress Backup Solution that you could use.

Meet the WP Backup Plugin Called BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is a WordPress plugin that can backup your existing WP installation, restore these backups, clone your sites and move them to another domain or server.

How to Backup Your WordPress Site with BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy can act as a WordPress database only backup plugin or a tool that creates a full backup. It is advisable to store the backups in an off-site location such as Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud or Dropbox. You can also use the BackupBuddy Stash within the plugin to do the same more easily.

The BackupBuddy Magic Migration Feature

You can move your WordPress site to other domains or servers with this option. Aside from it being way more easy that just creating a new site yourself, it can also be useful if you want to have many similar sites that you can make slight differences to later.

Set up Sechedules for Backups

It is simple to run regular automatic backups with the BackupBuddy plugin: just choose the hours, days or weeks the backups are created depending on how much traffic your site gets. Obviously, in case of thick traffic, you should back up as often as possible.

Easy Does It

A mainsteram product like this is targeted towards people who just want to keep it nice and simple. That’s why BackupBuddy really is easy to handle and you can get to know the plugin quite quickly and seek help from the many tutorial videos and the ever-present support team.


Should you be keen on wanting to know more about this plugin, head on and see my review of BackupBuddy in its entirety.

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