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PremiumPress has a lot of different WordPress themes in store for you – this time it’s a WordPress theme for creating classifieds websites. The classifieds theme for WordPress we’re going to examine a little in this article helps you make a classifieds website rather quickly because it is designed for speed and easy operation. Whereas this theme would otherwise cost about 79 dollars, you can cut that price by 30% by using this here coupon I’ve provided you:

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Classifieds Theme

Classifieds Theme discount couponPremiumPress Classifieds Theme for WordPress – What are We Talking About

To make a long story short, this WordPress theme has everything you need to make a classified ads website like craigslist for example. Of course the theme under discussion here isn’t quite as advanced, you’ll sure get a kick out of it and maybe even some profit if you play your cards right. When you’re given some main features like website designer tools, bulk file and image upload options, import tools and a chance to set up paid membership packages all within one simple theme, creating a classified ad website isn’t all that hard.

Features of This WordPress Classifieds Theme

I wrote this text to give you the WordPress classifieds theme discount coupon code, but I’ll also provide you with some basic information should you consider buying the theme. I’ll start off with the options you have for designing your classifieds website and run you through some features which make your website function like creating membership packages and uploading files, images and whatnot.

WordPress Classifieds Theme Design Tools

Just like any other PremiumPress theme, this one also comes with a standard built-in designer tool that lets you change the colors and layouts, turn several displays on or off, insert some sliders, and use Google maps support. Since I mentioned that most if not every PremiumPress theme has a similar design tool then, if you’ve read some of my other articles concerning PremiumPress themes, you know that the designer tool is rather easy to use and doesn’t really provide you with a lot of options.

Membership Packages

Just knowing how to create a classifieds website isn’t enough if you haven’t got the people who’d like to use it. So you set up membership packages, paid or unpaid, make your site attractive and hope they show up. And by “hoping” I mean that you have put some work into your SEO. There is also a messaging system in place within the theme and users can display contact forms.

User File Uploads

In order to add more variation to users’ listings, they can upload PDF files, videos and images to change the outlook of their ads.

More Useful Features

Plugin and widget support is a given and so are probably the Amazon, eBay and Datafeedr import tools for importing products for affiliate commission. You can also customize the language file of the theme to change languages and load thumbnails to resize images if galleries are present.

So there it is – take it or leave it or use the WordPress Classifieds Theme Discount Coupon Code instead and still take it.

You’ll get more info by reading my full review of WordPress classifieds theme.

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