WP Mobile Pro Review – Make Your Sites Mobile-Friendly with this WordPress Theme Pack

WP Mobile Pro reviewHello! Let’s talk about WP Mobile Pro and Why You Could Use It

As you all well know, more and more people every day use mobile devices to access the Internet. But think of the mobile screens: they are not like regular computer screens, so if you should go to a website that is just squeezed to fit into the mobile display, then you’ll most likely be dissappointed, because it doesn’t look too good. For a site to look fine on a mobile, you have to build and design it for mobile only. WP Mobile Pro is the tool for that job.

What Functions Does It Offer You?

You install it as a regular WordPress theme and take it from there. The mobile theme preview on the right side of the screen will show you how your site will look on a mobile device. You get plenty of options to design your theme to your specific needs: combine colors, customize fonts, buttons and the like. Adding videos, icons and images to your mobile site is easy too.

So How Do You Do All This?

The whole thing basically works by uploading different types of content to pages that you want to appear on the mobile device. You can copy/paste the original text or content from your site or create an alternative one – the point is that you can size everything to fit neatly onto the mobile screen. It’s all very simple and it doesn’t require any coding skills. WP Mobile PRO just jumps on the bandwagon of making things simple. I can appreciate that!

Advantages of having this Theme pack

You already figured it out that there are a lot of mobiles out there that people use to access the net. If you or your clients have a website that is not exactly mobile-friendly then Google will not look approvingly on this. The obvious drawback of not having a mobile-friendly site is the fact that you’ll lose potential leads, customers and traffic. You don’t want that to happen, do you? If not, then you’re probably thinking about buying WP Mobile Pro already – so let’s talk about the price.

The Cost and The Choices

A personal licence for a theme is 77 dollars. Add to that another 77 and you get an additional theme and so on. There are nine themes in total and you can buy them all for $399.95, and when you do, you get the developer’s licence and some useful functions on top of that too. Let me elaborate. With the developer’s licence you can create mobile sites for other people and make money. Sounds good, right? You also get a guide on how to do that and how to use the themes. If that’s not enough, the guide provides information about WordPress in general as well. The mobile graphics pack, plus the plugin that directs mobile users to the mobile version of the site is also yours.

Some Marginal Benefits of the Full Suite

You get a bunch of preset emails to send to your potential customers and a video tutorial that teaches you how to show your mobile device on a computer screen. There are uses for this; just think about it.

End of the Line

The big pack isn’t cheap, I know. But you can make money with it by offering your services to some local businesses that do not have a mobile version of their sites. If you’re one yourself then you know that it’s important to have sites like that. A single theme is 77 USD – not inexpensive either, but has its uses. I’m in favor of WP Mobile Pro, because it is true that mobiles are a popular way of visiting sites, so you shouldn’t get left behind!


The mobile audience is gaining a stronger foothold every day, so get WP Mobile Pro, and remember – „If you can’t beat us, join us!“

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