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WPPipeline review-Wordpress security pluginIntroduction

If you have lots of WordPress sites then you’ve probably heard about WP Pipeline before. However, if you’re just getting started with blogging and consider turning your efforts into a profitable business for example, I’ll give you a quick roundup of the software. So here’s the deal – WP Pipeline is a mass blog(s) managing software. This is no pipedream.

Any reason why would you want to get it?

As you create new blogs, managing them may fall by the wayside, because you simply have no time for such chores or you forget them entirely. You might forget to update your plugins, WordPress version or even do backups. Neglecting such maintenance, annoying as it may seem, can and most likely will backfire. You don’t want hackers to earn money off your site instead of you, or tear it down completely, do you? That’s the reason – partly – to prevent

Central control for your WordPress websites

WP Pipeline has got your back by being the HQ of your WordPress site management system right on the dashboard. Aside from being a huge timesaver when it comes to updating your sites and checking on them, it also helps you to get a clear overwiev of your online kingdom.

So, what can it do then?

This baby has a central control panel which lets you manage all of your blogs at once or one at a time. The traffic light system on the left shows you what the score is with your blogs and whether they need plugins, versions or themes updated. Oh, by the way, you can update them all with a single click. Same goes for installing plugins and themes etc – just a click away! Groovy. It can also create scheduled backups for your sites and even clone them. The backups can be sent to your email, AWS or downloaded straight to your machine.

User management and blog grouping

The former function allows you to give users access to your dasboard. You can let them have different permissions on what blogs o blog groups they can access. A feature like this may prove useful if you have clients and employees for example.

A benefit – peace of mind

Having your sites, plugins and themes updated regularly is important if you don’t want hackers coming through the loopholes. It also gives you a nice warm feeling inside when you do not have to worry about security.

A more practical benefit – save time to make money

WP Pipeline handles all those technical stuff you usually have to a lot of time on. By freeing that time up you have more on your hands to actually make business happen.

Speaking of business…

For example, if you think about offering your services to a client by running maintenance on their WordPress sites, then let WP Pipeline do all the work instead! This way you can earn some extra cash on the side and expand your business interests. Not bad, I’d say.

What’s the catch?

You have to purchase the software. You got three choices: a) The basic package – supports up to five satellite sites, costs $27; b) The standard package – up to 100 satellite sites, costs $67; c) The pro package – unlimited satellite sites, costs $147. If you’re an avid blog builder, then the basic package is probably out of the question. If you take blogging seriously, you really have to go for either of the last two packages.


Most of the software is an advantage. With all that work trusted to WP Pipeline you can take a load off. The backup feature is also cool. Some softwares are only about backing up your site and cost more than WP Pipeline while the latter has many more functions to it. 60 day money back guarantee is also something that couldn’t hurt, right? Right.

Not exactly advantages

With WP Pipeline, you can control all your slave blogs from the master blog. It has all the login names and passwords stored there. The master blog uses a secret key to encrypt all the passwords for your blogs. You have to enter that key every time you you want to access WP Pipeline, otherwise you can’t access your blogs from there. Whether having all your passwords and login names stored in one central place is a good idea is up to you. But I hear the encryption is near unbreakable.

Let’s wrap it up

I wrote this WP Pipeline Review to give you a general idea of what you’re getting when you buy it. If I had loads of sites I should manage, I’d probably try to find a way to ease my burden. WP Pipeline lends a helping hand, for a price. Is that price worth the software depends on how well and fast you can manage all your sites manually.

Look for WP Pipeline on the homepage of the product here.

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