WP4FB 2.0 Review – Flexible Facebook Plugin for WordPress

WP4FB 2.0 reviewAbout Some Things First, Including the Plugin

Facebook is a very important place for sharing information these days, and if you want to be noticed, it can help move the rock. This review is going to be about WP4FB 2.0, which is a WordPress plugin that can help you strengthen your internet presence and promote your brand via Facebook connections. You can do it all from within the WordPress dashboard.

What can You Do With It?

The plugin allows you to design a flashy and likeable fan page, implementing some features like the FanGate, FriendGate, Sweepstakes, ShareGate and some other’s I’ll mention later, to manipulate your fan count and therefore increase your brand status. Let’s talk about designing the fan page.

Your Fan Page

The drag and drop visual designer and 10 ready-to-go templates form the basis of what your fan page is going to look like. You can customise nearly everything when it comes to your design, so take your time. Okay, now let’s scan the manipulative features.

The FanGate

The purpose of this function is to attract new people to your fan page by reserving content to fans only. People who are not yet fans can access the fan page by clicking the “like” button. Looks like a devious strategy to me. Next, please!

The FriendGate

Similarly to the previous Gate, this one also uses some special content as bait to attract more people. In this case, you can let fans unlock this exclusive content such as a free coupon or download only if they refer a number of friends who also try to do the same thing. Simple, but effective.


Yes, everybody wants to win something. Set up your sweepstakes and condition your fans to refer friends in order to increase the chances of winning. It’s like this: the more friends a person refers, the higher the chance that they might win.

ShareGate and InviteGate

The ShareGate basically follows the same principle as the gates mentioned earlier. Only this time, when fans want to access a content you’ve locked, they have to share a message you’ve created earlier for the same purpose – to share. The InviteGate is almost the same – this feature unlocks content when fans invite more friends to your fan page.

Comments and Automatic Wall Posting

The first function, titled “Viral Comments” sends a message that links back to your page after a user comments on your page. Viral indeed. The Auto Wall poster triggers messages appearing on users’ Facebook Wall every time they join one of your campaigns, sweepstakes or request something.

The Optin Button

It is possible to add it to your fan page. It is just “Opt-in”. It doesn’t require the users to enter their name or email address. This is dubious, because some people may not now that by opting in they give away some of their personal information.

The Welcome Page and Customised Wall Messages

The WP4FB 2.9 gives you the chance to use the welcome page function every time someone is referred to your fan page. You can also create messages that catch the eye.

Additional Functions

You can use 20 short codes to create “Call to Action buttons”, Facebook “Send” and “Like” buttons and more. The possibility of adding an unlimited number of tabs on your fan page and making use of the image slider option is sure to enhance the visual quality of your page. Of course, the unlimited number of tabs doesn’t count when you run out of room on your fan page.


Having your foot in the door when it comes to advertising yourself on Facebook is always a good thing. A big part of the planet is into social networking, so why ignore it? The aforementioned features help you along on this track. If you choose to purchase this product then you’ll get a year of free upgrades and a bunch of tutorial videos on things concerning the software and beyond.

Questionable Aspects

The product’s home site markets WP4FB 2.0 as a “viral” tool and self-mockingly makes fun about the use of the word, while using it too much already. The marketing behind this product seems to be directed towards people who think manipulating masses is very easy and just by adding some Facebook buttons, people go nuts about something you have to offer. That’s just my opinion. The website promises to show you how to get the SSL Certificate for free, while it can cost $70 a year.

Let’s Conclude and Talk About the Price

There are three choices you can make – there is the single fan page licence (67 bucks), the unlimited personal licence ($97), and the unlimited agency licence, which costs 197 USD. The first two licences are self-explanatory, and the third one can be used for unlimited fan pages for both you and your clients. The cost is really not that high, when you think about it. Social media is big and will be even bigger, so just ride the wave!

If you think that expanding your brand reputation to Facebook is wise, then go and buy WP4FB 2.0!

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