WPClicks Review – Video-Styled WordPress Analytics Plugin for Tracking Visitors

WPClicks ReviewWebsite Visitor Tracking for WordPress

WPClicks like Google Analytics is a web analytics software that monitors the activity and traffic on your site. These two differ in the fact that WPClicks is a video tracking software, meaning that you don’t need to go through lots of numerical data in order to grasp what’s happening. Web visitor tracking is very important in optimizing your site, because you’ll get first-hand knowledge about what should be changed to keep people on your site longer and increase your conversion rate.

Basic Features – Video Tracking

Most website analytics software do not have video tracking options. I wonder why is that? Maybe because it’s such a premium feature that you have to pay a lot of money for, or maybe it’s just irrelevant. I wouldn’t agree with either one of these notions, because I think website visitor tracking in video is pretty cool. It puts you right in the potential customer’s shoes and you see everything through their viewpoint. This sort of approach may give you a lot of clues about what scared people away from your site. Of course, you can only guess as there is no solid proof you’ll get it right – too bad you can’t hear people’s thoughts with WPClicks, right? Well, the developers said that you can actually read your subscribers’ minds with this WordPress website visitor tracking tool – I doubt that.

Basic Features – Campaigns

WPClicks allows you to create custom campaigns for tracking different actions on your website. You can name these campaigns, add respective URLs to be tracked and see the resulting information later. You can track specific actions such as sales, opt-ins and so forth. You will then get data about the number of visits – recurring and unique, actions and conversion rates.

Basic Features – Visitor Data

The WPClicks site tracking software also feeds you some other interesting information about visitor stats – their IP address, the browser they’re using, the OS, screen resolution, how they got to the page (direct hit, referred, search), the page where they signed up and the pages where they landed after opting in. You can adjust the visitor data you want to see by creating custom reports that include everything you choose. This visitor tracking system is rather comprehensive.


Having a website analytics software that can do vide tracking on a single site is groovy, but what if you have more sites? There are three priced packages for WPClicks – the single site licence, the multi-site licence and the unlimited site licence. The one-time cost for them is $47, $57 and $ 97 respectively. Considering that WPClicks is a video-styled website analytics software, it still costs too much in my opinion. You can get a refund for it too.


WPClicks is a novelty. Video tracking just seems so much more exciting than your basic Google Analytics. But in the end, web video tracking cannot boost your conversion and skyrocket your sales more than regular web analytics software can, because the information you can extract will still be relatively the same.


Despite the fact that I like WPClicks, I still don’t really approve of the price. I’ll wrap this WPClicks Review up with one more thing that keeps bugging me: why waste my money on such a website visitor tracking software that has only one thing others don’t – video tracking – if I could get a similar tool with more features and wouldn’t have to pay anything. What do you think?


In any case, it’s well worth your time to see what WPClicks is about.

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