ZookaWare RegZooka Review – Simple Registry Cleaner Application

ZookaWare RegZooka Review - Simple Registry Cleaner ApplicationIn this ZookaWare RegZooka review I’m going to take you through the features of a program that can help you clean your registry.

ZookaWare RegZooka

RegZooka does not differ from the other registry cleaner programs out there too much. It still scans pretty much the same file-types, fixes issues with the registry, creates backups, defragments, and manages startup.

Scan and Clean Your Registry

RegZooka scans for registry items such as ActiveX/Com/OLE objects, uninstall entries, sound/audio entries, font entries, file associations, empty registry keys, help files, shared DLLS and more. Since the user interface is easy to understand – and looks playful and childlike even – finding and removing registry errors with RegZooka is rather simple. After fixing the issues, the program prompts you to create a backup as changes in the registry can make your machine unstable, and the chance to reverse things in your back pocket is always a good thing.

RegZooka Defragging Option

RegZooka also allows for defragmenting of the registry. This process will ensure that all the registry elements are in the right place. The software will ask whether you like to verify if your PC needs defrag, before it does so

RegZooka Startup Manager

ZookaWare has included a startup manager in RegZooka which will enable you optimize programs that launch at startup. I know I don’t have to tell you that too many programs launching at the same time when your computer boots up drastically increases load-up time. So, in order to make the best of startup speed, you can enable or disable startup programs from the list that RegZooka presents you.


Needless to say, you can schedule RegZooka to run on specific times, and automate the entire registry cleaning and repairing process. You can even set the tool to shut itself down after it is done fixing registry errors.


ZookaWare RegZooka is $29.95, and allows you to install the software on a single computer. You can install it on up to ten PCs, but then the price will be around $179.95. ZookaWare also has a 60-day money-back guarantee on RegZooka.


Not much else to say but thumbs up. This ZookaWare RegZooka review maintains that RegZooka has all the necessary features for finding registry errors and fixing them. You’re safe and sound with the program too, because it can create registry backups, and reverse changes. The loony-tuney user interface is bright and somber, and adds to the overall positive exterior of the registry cleaner.

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